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Last Day on Earth Survival 10 Things That No One Will Tell You

10 things about last day on earth survival game

We have encountered many Last person survival games in a mobile device. But Last Day on Earth Survival is one such Zombie Killing game that has gained extreme popularity even in its Beta stage release.

Following is the outcome of our gameplay tips that will become handy to you in surviving the game.


  • Both players receive in their mailbox 3 Water bottles and 3 Baked Beans packages per Day. These can be relocated to the inventory anywhere, provided they still have space in the stockpile of the player. When not used, they will lapse within four days.


  • Upon losing a couple of times, new players get a free machete. But this occurs only once. Pine Bushes, the closest green forest location, has an AI Survivor with approximately 40 HP. Between his money, he has a chopper wheel and a few other items of value.


  • Newbies must strive to control their hunger and thirst requirements by making two Garden Beds and one Rain Catcher as rapidly as practicable. They must create a second Camp Fire or construct a box at the house to hold prepared meals, few extra bottles of water, additional grains, etc.

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  • Crafting does not produce EXP, but you should get that by harvesting and battling enemy.


  • The health meter of the person recharges to the maximum limit when a new level is reached. Amid the battle, this can pose a big help, particularly if confronting a boss or being surrounded. All gamers must make good use of it by raising their EXP bar to the limit. Before participating in a difficult battle, or any fight when they can run out of health or food packs, it is essential.


  • The stock screen has a ‘small pocket ‘ slot. For a swift replace apart from accessing the main screen of the player. You can store some additional weapon, food stock, or healing item. But, the pocket slot button will NOT immediately equip healing objects and food. You need to do it manually.


  • Players must have their protagonist eat and drink surplus food on the map before abandoning a resource spot and do the loots. Once the protagonist leaves the place, these will not be available. Too much beer consumption will cause the survivor to piss. It, in turn, would make things feel harder by attracting zombies. But binge eating in the match is free of consequences. These tiny cheats for last day on earth game will really help you surviving in the game for longer.


  • Products can be left at base workstations for additional storage. Many slots are semi-limited; for instance, slots for smelter or campfire fuel would allow only some known type of fuel. Most base stations have a two-limit range.


  • You must upgrade the supporting floor to the equivalent level before you start upgrading the walls. Doors are costlier than the walls and windows. Door and window upgradation costs are the same.


  • Creating automobiles and some other products have two stages, although the model list does not indicate that. Players must hold any piece of vehicle which they come across, as they are typically uncommon and required in the second stage of vehicle building. These sections are worth planning before a raid to gather the wood and crops needed to build an extra box.

Plants Vs. Zombies Tips and Tricks- Take Your Game To The Next Level!

plants vs zombies 2 tips and tricks

Hey! Are you the one who is trying to progress in Plants Vs. Zombies faster? Desire to become a master player of the game?

If yes, then understanding the concept of pro tips and tricks may help to gain more benefits.

Also, paying more attention to the forthcoming content more helps to achieve all these targets quickly, like no one another can.

But before we jump to the master tips and tricks, let’s have a quick review of Plants Vs. Zombies game once.

Plants Vs. Zombies are one of the big adventures, battle as well as strategy games. One can easily play the game on Android and iOS devices for free.

Yes, players don’t need to pay any cent for playing the game, but some features are purchasable. Lots of exciting tasks, challenges, missions are added in the game, which makes it fantastic as compared to others.

You need to choose the great plants for killing the dangerous zombies besides to protect the brain and house more. If they reach the home or brain, it means the game is over.

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·         Right plants for zombies

Before starting a battle level, you will see a glimpse of zombies that are coming to your house. Some zombies are so weak that it can be killed through simple plants.

Don’t waste plants’ energy; always choose the right plants for killing all zombies. Look over the zombies’ type, and you’ll understand which plant or flower is best to kill them quickly.

Choosing the right plants or potent flowers against the zombies/creatures help to earn more rewards besides pass objectives smoothly.

So, try to grab the opportunity to make extra points without getting stressed or tensed.

·         Sun juice

Sun juice plays a vital role in the game as from it, you can upgrade your plants, items as well as different weapons.

With the help of flowers or specific plants, you are allowed to get sun juice more. When planting sunflowers, don’t forget to protect it more from the zombies.

If creatures reach the farm, they will eat all the plants, houses, brains, and flowers. So, try to protect the flowers and upgrades the items in order to make it stronger.

·         Techniques

Passing certain levels of Plants Vs. Zombies, besides playing two to three times a day, helps you to learn various winning techniques. Not only it helps you to win all levels faster besides to enjoy the game more. If you are a beginner in Plants Vs. Zombies, use these plants vs zombies 2 cheats to enhance overall playing performance.

Also, it permits you to get the chance to become a pro player.

·         Login daily

Even if you don’t have more time to play the game more, try to log in daily for obtaining an array of benefits, rewards as well as cool prizes.

There is no need to pay any charge for performing this task as it is entirely free. So, try to play the game once for exploring endless entertainment.