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Crafting System And Player Progression Are Interrelated In Simcity Buildit

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I found that the crafting system in Simcity Buildit had a specific relation with the player progression. I read the deconstruction system of the game to get a broader analysis of the game. The game boils down to the original concept of the game as beforewhich revolves around strategic placement of the support and service buildings which is crucial for the buildup. The RCI zones must be crafted schematically so that the commercial hub is placed in between the industrial and residential area so that it acts as a buffer between the two. Apart from these, the roads, the parks, the entertainment arenas all must be placed in proper place to serve more and more people.

The crafting system of Simcity Buildit is the peacemaker in the core gameplay and to the economy on the whole. Everything depended on my ability to create products which are the prime requirements to upgrade an existing building or build a new one. I could also convert them to soft currency according to my wish by selling them off at the Trade depot or completing my shipments, disaster challenges and much more. There are also some deals which appeared during the whole game randomly and by collecting them at the right time I could generate steady income.

I upgraded my city’s buildings to increase the population of the city with this currency. It also helped me to expand my city but only thing that I had to keep in mind was that only building residential buildings are not enough. I had to effectively cover them with sufficient service and utility buildings as well. While playing Simcity Buildit concentrate on power plants, fire service stations, hospitals, parks, schools and other utility buildings to keep my citizens happy with the best of services to generate more income.

I gave special emphasis on the layout of my city, often organizing and re-organizing it by moving stuff and paving roads as these did not involve any expense. Whereas building a new residential structure or service buildings needed lots of money. I found that sometimes mere upgrading my existing buildings are more effective in generating resource than to build a new residential area and few service buildings comes in as much cost as a new residence. This enabled me to keep my citizens happy which in turn increased my soft currency. There are other useful ways to achieve it as there are different tasks and I could also use the simcity buildit cheat to generate currency.

Therefore, the crafting system of Simcity Buildit is very important and well designed as it relates with my progression with the game. These features are tied with different levels of the game and though it may appear only a burden when looked from a systematical perspective but I felt that these tasks and challenges are very helpful in reaching my primary goal. I also felt that the crafting system is good enough to keep up the interest in the free to play game and balanced my progression rate along with optimum monetization.


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Auction area as we all know is an integral part of the Madden Mobile game but it is tough to handle. In the first half of the season, most of the auctioned players are very expensive.  According to my own personal experience, it would be ideal to avoid the use of auction and search for working madden mobile tips. A quality tool is more than sufficient to fulfill your all requirements while playing the game.

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