Mario Kart Tour Tips And Tricks To Play Better


Are you waiting for a great racing game that you can play with your friends? Desire to explore endless fun besides reduce daily life stress? If yes, then you should try Mario Kart Tour once.

It is one of the fantastic racing games where every player can go on a grand world tour with their friends. Frenzy mode of the game makes all gamers happy as it offers an array of benefits, rewards, bonuses as well as in game currencies.

They can easily play the game on Android and iOS devices without paying any charges. The set includes lots of exciting tasks, challenges, features, gameplay, rewards, and characters that make it super incredible.

For progressing faster, leveling up more quickly, traveling on real city tracks, users need to focus on the upcoming content more. In the post, we are going to discuss some master tips that help you to achieve these targets quickly, like no one another can.

Complete bonus challenges

As we discussed earlier, hundreds of exciting challenges are added in the Mario Kart Tour game to make it amazing. Users can easily play bonus challenges for gaining an array of additional rewards as well as performance points.

The much better they perform, the more performance points they can earn. Especially beginners are suggested to complete these challenges first for gaining more benefits. They can quickly learn how to play the game, how to control characters, or what to do first.

Collect more items

During the races, players can see various objects/details coming in their way. Every player is suggested to collect items in a more massive amount. With the help of these items, gamers can purchase various upgrades besides can progress faster.

One of the most significant purposes of players is to collect more items in Mario Kart Tour as it helps them to play better besides winning every single race.

Also, they can purchase items or obtain with the help of in game currencies. Using mario kart tour cheats to earn them from the game itself is another best options for them. There are Drivers, karts, badges, and gliders are some of the main elements that they should collect first.

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Grand stars

Grand stars are considered as vital element of Mario Kart Tour from which you can unlock racing tracks besides tours. It means, if you want to go on world real city tours, you should collect this item more.

There are specific ways available in the game to earn this currency such as-

  • Completing bonus challenges, missions or tasks
  • Login daily
  • Connect with Facebook
  • In-app purchases feature

All the gamers are recommended to focus on this element more as it is the single key to travel in different tracks.

In-game currencies

Coins and Rubies are the two main currencies used in the Mario Kart Tour game. With the help of these currencies, you can purchase every single item besides can perform all tasks smoothly.

Win all races, missions, connect with Facebook to earn these currencies. Also, you can go through the in-app purchases feature to buy these currencies instantly. Make sure that you have enough amount for purchasing the packs.

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