Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack Cheats For Unlimited Free Money

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kim kardashian hollywood hack cheats

The virtual currencies have great importance in every game, and it same implies in Kim Kardashian Hollywood. Whenever you start playing the game, you need to focus on collecting enough currencies to make progress faster. Know about the main currencies of the game and then start exploring the methods to earn them quickly.

K stars are the main currency, and it also plays a significant role. If you are running out of k stars, then you should try to implement the effective tips and tricks to load your game account.

You shouldn’t rely on Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack in order to avail unlimited k stars. The use of this tool may also fall you into a troublesome situation, and that’s why you should look for genuine methods to earn k stars and other in-game currencies.

  1. Complete the tasks provided by the manager

Whenever you start playing the game, your manager will provide you with various tasks that you should complete on time. By completing all these tasks on time, you will be rewarded with a good number of k stars and exp.

By completing one hour job, you will get 125 dollars. When you work for 24 hours continuously, you will get 1200 dollars. Before you start completing these tasks, you need to check your energy meter. And also try to get a five-star level by completing every task.

  1. Promotional rewards

Kim Kardashian Hollywood offers daily rewards that players can grab in order to load their game account. Every day you will be provided with some tasks that can help you to claim rewards. Never let this opportunity go as it is a good source of gaining funds.

Try to collect funds as more as you can to make progress quickly. You just need to tap on a gift box to claim your rewards. You can get coins, energy as well as other in-game items in the form of rewards.

  1. Watch advertisement videos

As you know, k stars are considered as an important virtual currency that players can earn by completing various tasks. To get this currency for free, players should use the effective tips and tricks.

With the help of watching different advertisement videos available in the game, you can claim your rewards to collect k stars. Every day, you can watch limited videos to earn k stars.

  1. work on stores

Plenty of jobs are out there that players can perform in order to get different rewards. The easiest method to earn k stars is working on the stores. Players should work on stores instead of performing other jobs to earn k stars quickly.

Try to keep an eye on the energy bar before start performing the jobs in the store. Keep this tip in mind and gain unlimited k stars to load your game account.

Using these helpful methods can help beginners to gain unlimited k stars in no time. Instead of using Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats, try to follow all the aforesaid tips to avail a significant amount of in-game currencies.

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