Episode: Choose Your Story tips and strategies that you need to know

episode choose your story tips and tricks

Are you the one who wants to create a remarkable story in Episode: Choose Your Story game?

Desire to become a pro player and needs to enhance mental skills?

If yes, then you are suggested to focus on the upcoming post more for achieving all targets quickly.

Episode: Choose Your Story is one of the famous stories as well as an RPG mobile game introduced for free.

Players can easily play the game on Android and iOS devices. Lots of exciting stories, episodes, rewards, challenges are added in the game, which makes it superb as compared to others.

Many choices are given to the players while playing any story to decide the next step. Choosing right as well as excellent options always help them to make the story outstanding.

But lots of users face problems while selecting the options or progressing faster. Here we are going to mention some tips and strategies that help you to improve quickly and achieve all personal goals.

Play the tutorial

Sometimes, understanding all basics and old techniques help users to pass every story better. Playing the tutorial correctly allows users to understand all basics, controls, features, functions, procedures more.

Understanding all basics helps to gain the knowledge of stories and how to play smoothly without getting stressed.

Especially beginners are suggested to play the tutorial with more concentration in order to grab addition benefits as soon as possible.

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Watch the options

Watch all the choices entirely for deciding the next step. Selecting the right choice always helps you to take the story in the right direction besides achieving success.

Choosing the wrong option can mislead the characters and can take story in the wrong direction. Relax your mind and think twice which choice is perfect for the next step.

It permits you to choose the story on a specific path that you want. Try to make the episode more exciting by relaxing the mind besides creating a perfect selection.

In-game currencies

To purchase every single item for Avatar besides unlocking all stories, you are suggested to earn in-game currencies.

Mainly, two kinds of currencies used in Episode: Choose Your Story game to perform every task named gems and passes.

Every currency plays a vital role in the game and contains its benefits. Also, there are many ways available from which you can earn this currency more by spending some effort or time. Learn more here about how to get free gems on episode so that you can use them in either playing more stories and using better choices in the game.

From gems, you are able to purchase expensive items, dresses, customizations, decisions, and so on. Whereas, on the other hand, passes are used to unlock plenty of challenges, stories, or episodes.

Maintaining all currencies in more massive amount helps you to gain more benefits such as-

  • Progress faster like no one another can
  • Perform every task smoothly
  • Enjoy every feature, function, and story
  • Purchase every single item and create an attractive avatar

So, with the help of the content mentioned above, we can easily conclude that adopting some latest tips and strategies may help users to enjoy the Episode: Choose Your Story game more. Also, they can achieve their personal goals quickly.

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