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Counseling support for the Refugee Community

WISE Counsellors at the Buduburam and Krisan Refugee Settlements:

Since 2004, WISE began to provide services to refugees referred by the UNHCR for psycho-social counselling. Now, WISE provides services to any refugee seeking support and has an integral role in supporting the refugee community. WISE, with its wealth in psycho-social counselling and a wide range of related activities supports refugee survivors of domestic and sexual and gender based violence, with particular attention to women and children. Furthermore, we address the counselling needs of all refugees and ensure the necessary follow-up on individual cases, including medical, social needs, legal issues and police liaison.

Buduburam: The settlement is located in the central region, 90 minutes from Accra. The settlement is home to 42,000 refugees, majority of whom are Liberians. WISE counsellors provide services at the Buduburam settlement Mondays- Wednesday. Since we extended our services to the Buduburam refugee community, we have counselled over XXXXX refugees.

In addition to the one-on-one counselling, we have also established a group counselling program. Previous groups included victims of spousal abuse, rape and as well as teenage mothers. The aim of this approach is to empower women with a team-centred support group and to allow the women to eventually support each other.

Krisan: The Krisan refugee camp is located in the Western region, near Takoradi. The refugee population of 2,000 at Krisan receive support services from WISE counselors. The two WISE staffs permanently posted at Takoradi provide counseling, focusing on domestic and sexual and gender based violence. The counsellors also help the UNHCR staff process asylum seekers for refugees, resettlement and repatriation processes as well as refugees seeking services under the UNHCR mandate. Some of the activities undertaken by WISE on the Krisan camp include Individual SGBV counselling, Training, Celebration of sixteen day’s of activism against violence, Networking and collaboration and Advocacy/ SGBV prevention.


Ho: WISE undertakes several activities in line with its mandate with the UNHCR at the refugee settlements in the Volta region. Our core mandate with the UNHCR is to handle all cases of SGBV occurrence among refugees on one hand and refugees and their hosts on the other hand through the provision of psycho-social counseling and other supporting services to survivors of violence in the refugee communities in the region. Additionally, WISE is also responsible for the provision of  protection counseling to refugees. An outline of activities undertaken includes:

  • SGBV training
  • Advocacy
  • Networking and collaboration
  • Individual SGBV counseling
  • Scheduled monthly individual SGBV counseling meeting
  • SGBV cases monitoring
  • Monthly SGBV partners meeting
  • Age, gender and diversity mainstreaming assessment (AGDM)
  • Celebration of sixteen day’s of activism against violence
  • Construction of KVIP toilet facility at Likpe Bakwa
  • Voluntary repatriation
  • Protection counselin

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