Bingo Blitz Complete Game Review For Beginners


Bingo Blitz is one of the new generations of Facebook games that encourage people to play conventional games on the site as much as the traditional elements of virtual cash, collections and different Exp level.

In Bingo Blitz users will buy up to four bingo cards using Bingo credits to concurrently play all of them in the game table whose duration is defined by the maximum pool of players. After a group of players finally hit a bingo, the game will end, and every participant will get their winning rewards.

Gamers can get coins, purchase credits, and purchase collectable in-game Store. But all of these involves in-app purchases. Bingo Blitz is available on Microsoft appstore for windows, google playstore and apple appstore.

Bingo Blitz Gameplay

Bingo Blitz introduces rule changes and power-ups, similar to every regular Facebook edition of a classic game. On each card, those tiles immediately have either a coin reward or a treasure chest to unlock.

Players can unlock chests with keys which are collected by getting three stars from the game. Players can win those keys or invest coins on them to purchase these keys from the Store. Treasury chests will hold free bingo blitz credits, Coin & points, power-ups or maybe a set of items that you can only earn by winning bingo in a specific location.

In Bingo Blitz, every level is identified after a major world region, there are many places to play, and each one includes a choice of twelve particular locations.

Bingo Blitz unique aspect

Power-Ups are unique Bingo Blitz aspect that gives you some additional boost. However, you need to know the trick to apply power-ups to bingo Blitz, because you have to control how much power you might use.

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So when the operator calls a number that you can match, a meter in the top-right corner of the screen charges. The meter is commonly filled up as you play consecutively around three games.

Power-ups will fill your card with random spaces, generate more squares that offer you coins, and create several other handy impacts. If the meter is recharged, you must purchase the right which will allow you to activate the power-up. You can also win Power-Ups by opening a treasure chest.

Final Verdict

There isn’t much missing at any point with Bingo Blitz as it resembles a lot with the actual Bingo game. Throughout the testing period, the game worked and seemed not to have any lag or detachment difficulties.

Although it’s disappointing that from one match to the next you can’t afford to keep and use the same card, as this makes gameplay sessions with several cards in true-life bingo much simpler.

It could be very convenient to memorize your previous card in Bingo Blitz with Power-ups- but you also need to keep track of the power-up indicator. Nevertheless, Bingo Blitz is indeed an excellent way of enjoying bingo on Social media platform, despite all these challenging aspects.

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