2 Essential Type of Currency in My Story: Choose Your Own Path

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Well, My Story: Choose Your Own Path is the game in which players totally free to do all the real-life activities and tasks accordingly. In the starting of the game, players have to choose their life and then play the entire game by the life they choose.

Players or you can say users of My Story: Choose Your Own Path should make sure that they only have to make decisions properly in the game as a single decision change the entire story of the game.

Also, My Story: Choose Your Own Path includes lots of stunning and fantastic features in it which make it classic among all others games.

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2 types of currency in My Story: Choose Your Own Path

Mentioned below are the main two types of in-game currency which play a significant role in My Story: Choose Your Own Path. Players have to understand these two types and then make sure they are earning them in good amount as to go far in the game –

  • Diamonds – It is the superior type of in-game currency of the game. It is very hard to earn in the game as players earn them by having my story choose your own path cheats or completing the more levels in My Story: Choose Your Own Path.
  • Tickets – It is the second necessary type of currency in the game which players have to earn. These are a little bit easy to earn as players simply earn them by competing objectives, events and challenges in it.

Final words

So, both the types of currency which are mentioned above in the post are very essential for the players to earn in good amount. It is because playing the game after having a good amount of tickets and diamonds help players in making good and quick progress in My Story: Choose Your Own Path.

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